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What we do?

Here at Vintage Cleaning Service, we have but one simple purpose — to give you the best possible cleaning service for any kind of property. We clean all kinds of commercial and residential properties. We follow industry standard cleaning procedures for different kinds of cleaning. Our crew is one of the most experienced and organized cleaning teams on the market and they always get the job done.

We have extensive work experience in cleaning various different kinds of houses, be it condos, apartments, large houses — if it’s a residential property, we can handle it. Not only that, we provide specialized cleaning services for several parts of your house like bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. We understand the need for specialized cleaning for your commercial property as well. Hence we have customizable cleaning services for office workspaces, showrooms, shops, etc. No matter what kind of cleaning your property requires, we are always here to serve you.

Why choose us?

Vintage cleaning service has been around in the cleaning business for over a decade now. And in that time we have consistently provided our clients with best in class service each and every time. We have a friendly yet dedicated staff. They are fully experienced in all different kinds of cleaning and hence are fully qualified to handle the job. Most important of all — our crewmembers are dependable and honest. So you give us the cleaning job, you can rest assured that your property is safe with us.

All our cleaning jobs are overseen by qualified supervisors who ensure quality and safety. We have an excellent track record for avoiding accidents and employing proper safety measures during cleaning. We ensure that your space is absolutely non-toxic and free of cleaning agent before we finish our job. So when you come in to your home or office next time, you will be amazed at the clean and fresh feel of it. Call us now to find out how we can help you.


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